UNYARN Updated

UNYARN has a new post. It’s based on an interview with an incredible guy I know named Giano. He left Bosnia during the war, travelling via Germany and eventually calling Brisbane home. Having coffee with him and listening to his stories and refreshing perspectives is one of my favourite ways to kill an hour.

Check it out at www.unyarn.com. I hope you enjoy it.


UNYARN Updated

If you liked UNYARN last time, follow on through to my new topic – Life Shifters. This is about people who take the path less travelled when they need a break from an unfulfilling reality. Today I have posted an intro & an interview with Sarah. I will post one with Brett in coming days.

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She’s a laugh. Some cracker movies in her top 10, putting my top 10 shame. Dirty Dancing, Steel Magnolias… need I go on?


Guys. I hate this question.

How am I supposed to answer something so broad, so ambiguous? There are so many wonderful movies out there that make my heart soar/sing/pitter-patter/explode/something. But I know this question will inevitably come up every time I say, “Oh yeah, I’m a big ‘film’ person.” Even, “Oh yeah, I like movies.” (Who doesn’t?) Someone will ask you this question. And if they don’t, they’re probably about to ask the other version: “So, like, what do you think is the best movie of all time?”

And who am I kidding – you’re wondering the same thing right now! You want to know my movie choices so you can belittle and judge them too! Well I aim to please, so I’m providing 10 of my favorite flicks in no particular order. But, to make it Annoying Film Person-y, I’m telling you why, and then I’m telling you…

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New blog: Unyarn

Hello friends & followers

I’m spreading my wings and have started a new blog called Unyarn.

Check out my first entry on a comparison between Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and our own very own Labor Party debacle.

I will keep Hot Chips up and running but Unyarn is of a different flavour. I’d love you to follow it as well by subscribing to it by email.

Thanks 🙂

I’m just getting on with the job…

“I’m just getting on with the job” has fast become a staple key message in the repertoire of Australian politicians. Along with the “moving forward” of old, it’s a statement that means nothing and is used as a palm off when politicians find questions unpalatable. And it drives me to despair.

“I’m just getting on with the job.” I’m sorry – what? I would really hope that you are getting on with the job given that’s what you’re paid for, and what we elected you for. Now if you don’t mind, answer the question at hand.

As a practitioner of communication & PR I appreciate the importance of a sound bite. But for goodness sake, make it valuable, credible and don’t treat your fellow countrymen as idiots. It’s insulting.

Fair shake of the sauce bottle, Kev

With tired morning eyes I turned on ABC 24 today to see Kevin Rudd losing his mind and dropping expletives like nobody’s business. It was a great start to the day!

I’m not sure if I’m alone in my view, but I can’t say it bothered me terribly much. What bothers me more is that for a year we watched Colloquial Kev as PM with a big grin on his face, exchanging pleasantries and irritating me immensely. It seemed fake then, and it seems even more so now.

But I think this is just a blip on the radar. The impact of Four Corners on Julia Gillard’s position will surely be more lasting.

Check out the video, it’s good viewing.

Find your influencers the new fandangle way!

There are some relics hanging on to bygone times, straining against the tide of social media. Resistance is futile. Resistance is at your peril. (I realise I am likely preaching to the converted as you are reading my blog or LinkedIn post).

That aside, I’ll continue. Take for example this story on LinkedIn. The author writes of the Cult of Influence and Gamification Nation; the former being something familiar to all in business who seek to draw in influencers and utilise them. Previously this was a “stick out your licked forefinger and see which way the wind blows” to understand who are the real influencers in an organisation. Imagine this. You can now quantify it through social media. Not saying that the previous way didn’t work, but this has the feel of a safer bet.